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Item #: BAL901

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Complete Balloon Business In A Box

Imagine approaching a couple dozen restaurants in your hometown, and having a job twisting balloons that very night.
What if you arranged to give a free tryout to several more restaurants the following week. Tryouts that paid you $15 to $25/hour in tips.

On January 19 & 20th, 2007, a friend and I visited 22 restaurants. We spoke to 9 General Managers and got the contact information for the others. We also arranged 7 tryouts including one the 19th and one the twentieth. The tryout on Friday the 19th has since turned into a weekly gig that pays me by the hour PLUS tips. Three of the other five tryouts also turned into regular gigs. Following up with the other 13 restaurants resulted in 8 more tryouts and 6 gigs.

Now IMAGINE..... if you were to hire and train 5 -10 people to twist balloons in restaurants. Part time performers that worked for tips and a small hourly wage. A real opportunity for them to earn $75-$150/night working 3-4 hours. Additionally, you would arrange the gigs, schedule them each to work two-three nights/week. Imagine twenty restaurants every week, staffed with your balloon twisters, each paying you $40 to $75/shift. PLUS a fee plus tips for restaurants you chose to work personally.

Imagine if you could run the entire business in 10 hours/week (plus whatever hours you spend working in the restaurants).

WARNING: DO NOT turn your future, your recruits and your money over to some large company that supplies nothing more than a bookkeeping service for your efforts. There are a few companies that want you to recruit and train balloon twisters, knock doors and arrange gigs and then let the parent company keep the majority of the fees the restaurants pay. These companies will convince you that they have a "name" or a system that allows them to do something you can't. Don't believe it. Restaurants hire the guy (or gal) that walks through the door, convinces them to use the service and does a good job. These companies are trying to sweep the nation with their services, underpaying the twisters, trainers and recruiters while pocketing the majority of the money in exchange for using their "system." You can corner the market in your town now. These companies are three to four years away from seriously impacting the market. By being the local company with great service, you can keep them out of your town while making a nice income for you and your twisters.

I can and will teach YOU how to solicit restaurant gigs for balloon magicians and twisters, how to recruit and train twisters, how to schedule your workers automatically online, and more. You will also learn how to use your restaurant gigs to secure birthday parties, picnics, fairs, church and school programs and much more.

This package includes:
The restaurant entertainment market.
What restaurants to approach - defining your market.
The purpose of the free trial.
What to say and what to do to close over 50% of your contacts for the free trial.
Three things you must never say during the sales interview.
How to perform the tryout to guarantee success.
Three things you must do to have a successful tryout.
Scheduling the gig. How much to charge the restaurant.
How to get two or more weekly gigs at the same restaurant on a continuing basis.
Business cards and promotional materials.
Aprons, tip buttons and more. How to recruit twisters.
The hottest way to get quality recruits today.
When you should or shouldn't hire an experienced twister.
The qualities of the best recruits.
Non-compete agreements - do you need them.
Non-compete agreements - how to break one if you have already signed with another company. (99% of all non-compete agreements can be broken easily and honestly.)
The essential ingredient of any non-compete agreement. (Most lawyers fail to include this.)
How to train recruits.
The one balloon sculpture every twister must master.
My biggest money maker. How to pay recruits.
Outfit your recruits with an apron, balloons, pump, training dvds, and pins for under $50.00
How to keep recruits happy until you have enough gigs booked.
The power of the team meeting.
Scheduling your performers. Is everyone happy?
Scheduling software.
How to keep your restaurants from dealing direct with your twister. (No paperwork needed)
The invoice and collecting fees.
A bigger stable: Offer your restaurants Balloon Twisters & Magicians.
Turning restaurant gigs into birthday parties, fairs, and schools shows.
The Balloon & Magic Show: A pack small balloons & magic birthday show.
Train your twisters to do the Balloon & Magic Show.
Train your twisters to promote the Balloon & Magic Show.
Running your business in 10 hours/week. You will receive:
Complete Balloon Business In A Box DVD The Restaurant Booking Manual (for twisters and magicians)
The Recruiting Manual - always have plenty of quality help
The Training Manual For New Recruits
Scheduling forms
Recruiting forms
Restaurant Tryout forms
Restaurant Contact Forms
Sample Invoices, Business Cards, Brochures, Sales Letters, more
The poster
Basic Weekly Bookkeeping Forms
Free Consultation

Our Power Roladex Includes:
Source for professional balloon twisting aprons for $5
Source for professional balloon twisting pumps for $3
Source for professional balloon twisting tip pins
Scheduling Software at No Cost
The best source for Qualatex Balloons at wholesale prices.
Where to buy business cards and printing.
New Twister Set-ups with an apron, balloons, pump, training dvds, and pins for under $50.00

Price : $29.00

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