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GO MENTAL Professional Mentalism Assortment

Item #: MENT001

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GO MENTALProfessional Mentalism Assortment

Six amazing mentalism effects for the working magician. These great effects have been closely guarded secrets of the pros.

Entertaining teens? Doing a talk for a group of professionals? These are the effects that will knock them outa their socks.Four of them can be done anytime, anywhere with no preparation - don't be caught empty-handed next time you are asked to do a trick without notice. Easy to do, yet amazing. Folks will think you are the real thing.

    The Ultimate Book Test This is one of those "do anywhere with a borrowed book, no preparation, no gimmick and no sweat" routines. All you need are a book with at least 100 pages, two spectators and a pencil and paper. You will accurately discern the first several words on the selected page. Worth the price of this entire package. You've seen the greatest mentalists perform feats like this, now you can too! This is real magic! (Well, at least it looks like real magic.) This trick has fooled university professors in ESP test labs.
    Phone Book Mentalism Predict the name, address and phone number of a randomly selected name on a randomly selected page of your local phone directory. Uses a force technique, but looks totally random to the audience and volunteer. One of the best book tests available. A reputation maker.
    I Know the Number! Predict a number or a month. Volunteer thinks of a number between 1 and 1000. A few simple steps and you predict the final answer. A great way to force a number or month. (Using numbers to represent months). A nice effect, but I incorporate into other routines when I need to force a number which may be used to take me to the tenth card in a deck or something similar.
    A Terrific Book Test Effect: Three pocket books are shown and passed out to three spectators in the audience. One of the three books is selected or all three may be used. A number is arrived at by dealing 9 cards on the table - in three piles of three each. One person selects a pile and retains it. Two other people each select one of the other two piles. The cards are laid down to arrive at a total which indicates the page number in their book. The pile of cards the other person selects is added up and the total indicates the word on that page. When the word (or three words) are revealed they match a previous prediction sealed in an envelope. That's it. I have used this hundreds of times and it is one of the best response tricks I have in my mental routine. Let me know if it goes over with you.
    Triple Threat Prediction Effect: Three spectators are selected. The first thinks of the name of a pet; the second thinks of a favorite food, and the third selects one of three paperback books, selects a random page, memorizes the first word on that page. After each spectator thinks of their item, you write it down on a piece of paper and fold it up. When the papers are opened, the predictions match - a miracle.The book test in this effect is different from the others included in this set. Includes a routine that weaves this miracle through your entire performance.
    Card in Wallet Prediction Effect: The magician lets a spectator pick a card. Then, the magician takes a card out of his or her wallet and inside is the card chosen by the spectator! No Force! Totally free choice for the volunteer. Use a borrowed deck or your own ungimmicked deck. Any wallet.

    Price : $19.95

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GO MENTAL Professional Mentalism Assortment

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