Make $100,000 / year As A Mentalist By Magic Marketing Company - Business In A Box

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Make $100,000 / year As A Mentalist

By : Magic Marketing Company

Make $100,000 / year As A Mentalist By Magic Marketing Company - Business In A Box
Item #: MEN-002

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Make $100,000 / year As A Mentalist

2 Complete Acts Plus Master Marketing Materials Book shows NOW with a tour starting in as a little as 4 weeks.

Step onto stage and immediately ask a spectator to name a a card. Then, the magician takes a card out of his or her wallet and inside is the card chosen by the spectator! Next three spectators are selected. The first thinks of the name of a pet; the second thinks of a favorite food, and the third selects one of three paperback books, selects a random page, memorizes the first word on that page. After each spectator thinks of their item, you write it down on a piece of paper and fold it up. When the papers are opened, the predictions match - a miracle. The crowd goes wild ! Applause fills the air. By the end of the evening, you have delighted the crowd for a full 45 minutes. Before you leave, you have already scheduled your return performance. This works. I know because I do it year after year. Two complete mentalism acts, complete marketing materials to book your act NOW! Book a complete tour starting in as little as 4 weeks. "I personally guarantee this system will work if you work it." Author & Mentalist Reno Raines Includes 2 Complete Professional Mentalism Acts Two 45 minute acts can also be combined into one longer show. These are professional presentations, tested and proven by America's top mentalists. COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL MARKETING PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR MENTALISTS Easily Book A Complete Tour In The Area Of Your Choice With Shows Starting In As Little As 4 Weeks You don't have a big budget to go and promote your show? Need bookings to bring in some fast profits? Need some fast gigs that can start paying you quick? With an investment of under $100 I was able to book twenty shows in less than 14 days. My 3 week tour started one month later. Within 100 miles of my home I was able to do 20 shows in 3 weeks. Those 20 shows brought in close to $24,000. This works over and over again. The best thing about this program is you don't need the greatest promotional material to get the shows. I printed mine on my computer. Is there work involved? Yes, absolutely! You will need to answer the phone, return calls and manage the shows. The client will do the majority of the work to promote the show, but you will need to make follow-up phone calls to be sure the necessary arrangements are being made. Need some cash flow now? This is the ticket. Low cash outlay Easy to book shows Easy to book multiple, consecutive shows to create a tour Start getting paid in a month or less. Supplement your current schedule Become the best known mentalist, hypnotist or other entertainer in any area. PLUS - Samples of the Necessary Materials including: Press Releases Pre-show needs Post-show needs All contracts All forms All letters Lead generation tools & more Suppliers and sources FREE BONUS #1: THE MOST AMAZING MENTALISM EFFECT EVER A randomly selected spectator names any playing card. You immediately pull a deck of playing cards out of your pocket. The spectator goes through the deck, his card is not there. He then counts the cards, there are exactly 51 cards, the only one missing is his. Works every time. No gaffs, no confederates, no roughing fluid - remember, the spectator handles the cards freely, no gimmicks. Requires two regular decks of playing cards that you provide. A true reputation maker. Works exactly as described. This trick is a rare and very real mentalism effect. Magicians of old often used it, but the secret has seldom been revealed. Fools other magicians, every time. Build your reputation as a magician or mentalist. I open my mentalism show with this trick, and it is such a stopper that every other effect that follows seems that much more magical. FREE BONUS #2: INSIDER'S GUIDE TO COLD READING Read anyone's mind. Tell them the intimate details of their past. These are the closely guarded secrets used by professional psychics and mind readers. Imagine carrying your complete act in a briefcase. Lost your luggage? Pick up what you need at the local office supply store or WalMart.

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Make $100,000 / year As A Mentalist

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