The Magician's Instant Author Kit! By Magic Marketing Company - Business In A Box

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The Magician's Instant Author Kit!

By : Magic Marketing Company

The Magicians Instant Author Kit! By Magic Marketing Company - Business In A Box
Item #: INST-001

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”Announcing….The Magician's Instant Author Kit! Professional Perfect Bound Books NOT Photocopied Booklets Held Together With Staples. A REAL Paperback Book With You As The Author Book More Shows, Receive Higher Fees and Make More Money. As an author, you have instant credibility. AN UNCOMFORTABLE FACT: Most "Instant Author Programs" are simply photocopied booklets of tricks, staple bound. They look homemade (and often are.) Some of the better ones will sell, but they will never establish you as an author. NOW: Imagine a perfect bound magic book with your name and picture on the cover. Just like the ones in the bookstore. PLUS - your book will be assigned a unique ISBN code and barcode. That's the number and information your book MUST have to be sold at bookstores or sold to libraries. No other instant author program I know of includes this special feature. WHY is an ISBN important? The ISBN allows you to sell your book on AMAZON, in bookstores and to libraries. You can do book signings at the local Barnes & Noble or other book stores. Imagine - potential customers buying your book and getting your promo material. One book signing can turn into a dozen corporate shows, holiday parties or other shows. What if the local library had YOUR book on the shelf? Every kid checking it out will want you for their party. The library will delight in booking a local author for their summer reading programs. Authors make twice the fees for school shows as magicians. Do a Google search for author days in schools and see for yourself. Schools can sell your book as a fundraiser. Book sales can pay for a school assembly, getting you more school bookings. Sell your book at all magic shows you perform. Make extra money now! Include an autographed book for the birthday child with every birthday show. Make additional copies available instead of goody bags. BID TODAY!!!! You will receive: The Instant Author Manual Chapters include: How to submit your photos and text for your book. How to order your books for $3.50/each. How to promote your book to bookstores and libraries. How to use your book to promote your business. Unique ways to sell your book. Booking school shows for an author's day More, more, and even more. A Sample Book A Money Back Guarantee - if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the books, we will refund your money. Free phone consultations. Free updates if your personal info changes. Free ISBN and Barcode (a $200 value) A gospel magic book and a joke book are in the works. You will be able to get these when they are available. When you submit your information: You get a professionally designed and illustrated magic book with your personal information and picture. A one page BIO will be added to the book. We can add two pages of photos and captions to the book if you want. A full page of promotional material can be added to the book. Contact info, shows available and more. 5" x 8" Perfect bound, 48 page, full color cover with barcode and ISBN We will print and deliver your books to your doorstep! No assembling and stapling a homemade booklet. No trips to the printshop. The books cost you $3.50 each and the suggested retail is $12.95 It would cost you thousands of dollars to self-publish your book through a vanity publisher. Your cost is the cost of this auction and then $3.50/book with NO MINIMUMS! You will have your proof copy in your hand BEFORE you order additional books. We can even dropship for you. This is a unique, no risk opportunity to boost your business NOW! A Money Back Guarantee - if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the books, we will refund your money. No sales to Ohio

Price : $69.00

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The Magician's Instant Author Kit!

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