Paul Romhany's Linking Hearts By Exclusive Distribution - Tricks

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Paul Romhany's Linking Hearts

By : Exclusive Distribution

Paul Romhanys Linking Hearts By Exclusive Distribution - Tricks
Item #: LINK123

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Linking Hearts A Linking Ring Routine that offers more possibilities than any other close-up linking ring routine on the market. Paul Romhany has created one of the most commercial routines for magicians who perform close-up, walk-about or street magic. These rings are specially designed and crafted using high quality 5" metal, and plated three times to make them durable enough for the toughest working conditions. They are the perfect size to fit in your pocket making them one of the most commercial routines for magicians today - the performance possibilities are endless. Because of the Heart Shape Rings it is possible to do links and unlinks not possible with standard linking rings. When you purchase these you will have access to a tutorial video teaching you Romhany's own personal routine as well as bonus ideas including MAKING THE GAP IN THE KEY RING DISAPPEAR! Imagine linking and unlinking the heart rings and being able to show them freely - Paul Romhany teaches you all the moves and bonus ideas on the tutorial. BONUS EFFECT: You will also have access to Romhany's HEART STRING routine - a ring on string routine he has been performing for over twenty years using a Heart Shaped Ring. Stand alone or combine this with the Linking Hearts and you will have one of the most commercial routines in magic today!!! Comes complete with: Four 5" Heart Shaped Rings - two linked, a single and a key ring. Access to tutorial video of Paul teaching his Four Ring Linking Heart Routine including the innovative one handed link and unlink, and other innovative moves only possible with Romhany's Linking Rings. BONUS - Access to Romhany's one string and ring routine, Heart String "Wow! You can do cool moves with these that isn't possible with normal linking rings ... I love them!" - TC Tahoe "The biggest advancement in close-up Linking Ring routines since Massahiro Yanagida performed his Ninja Rings ... this will be in my own close-up act from now on" ... - Matthew Johnson "Absolutely Brilliant - the most commercial routine for Linking Rings I've seen" - Titanus "The performance possibilities are endless - this is something every magician will want to add to their act!" - Richard Webster "Paul's Linking Hearts are a fantastic new direction for this classic effect. The sublety of the resting position before a link or unlink is simply wonderful. The romantic routine possiblities are endless. These rings will capture your heart." - Charles Bach Wonders

Price : $22.95

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Paul Romhany's Linking Hearts

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