Lying Signs & Wonders By Exclusive Distribution - Books & CDs

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Lying Signs & Wonders

By : Exclusive Distribution

Lying Signs & Wonders By Exclusive Distribution - Books & CDs
Item #: BOOK10

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Satan's secrets exposed. What is the secret of the occult? Is it power from Satan or mere trickery? Are psychics really in touch with the dead? Are the Ouija Board and Tarot Cards powerful tools or simply magician's props? Are TV preachers really performing miracles or are they just tricksters? What does the Bible teach about the supernatural? Author and Evangelist Dennis Regling explores the occult and supposed psychic phenomena to reveal the truth about Satan's Lying Signs & Wonders.

    Ritual Satanic Abuse
    Ouija Boards
    Tarot Cards & Crystal Balls
    Water Dowsing
    Near-Death Experiences
    TV Evangelists
    Voodoo & Curses
    And More
"For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if [it were] possible, even the elect." Mark 13:22 KJV

Sale Price : $16.95
Was : $19.95

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Lying Signs & Wonders

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